Vintage Gear and Specials

BAE 312A
The BAE 312A 500 Series mic preamps, made using the new Avedis 1122 opamps, are punchy, have great bass and have a clear, extended top end. The sound is in your face and they don't compress transients. The low end is tight with good attack. They are excellent for drums and percussion. These pres are very cost effective. Many people buy racks of 6 or 11 to cover the entire drum kit. Open Box, as is.
BAE LunchBox
This portable (and affordable) 6-space 500 series rack is powered by a robust remote power supply, providing a cleaner, less-distorted signal than normal PSUs. Open Box, as is.
Ocean Audio 500 EQ
The Ocean Audio 500 EQ is a four band sweepable 500 series EQ module designed by Malcolm Toft. You get a typical "Malcolm Toft Sound" when using the EQ; anyone who likes the old Trident and/or MTA sound will definitely like the Ocean Audio sound. Open Box, as is.
Radial PhazeQ
Radial's Phazer module aligns two source signals and restores that big, full sound you've been lacking because of phase issues. Combine a direct signal from a bass with the sound of its miked amp cabinet, or align two mic signals. This unit works wonders for your studio sound. The Phazer also includes a direct unprocessed output. The Phazer behaves like a very powerful EQ that lets you create exciting new tones that will set your recordings apart. Open Box, as is.
Radial TossOver
The Tossover is a unique 500 series module that enables you to frequency-divide the audio signal path into two stems and process the high and low frequencies separately. This enables parallel processing whereby one could, for instance, process a vocal track by adding distortion and presence to the high-end while leaving the low frequencies unaffected. Open Box, as is.
Radial Workhorse
The Radial Workhorse is a modular rack and mixer that combines the popular 500 series platform with an incredibly flexible patching system to let you create the ultimate studio environment. Open Box, as is.
SSL E series Dynamics 500
The E Series Dynamics Module for 500 Series racks reproduces the legendary sonic signature of an early 80's classic, the SL 4000 E console channel strip, which was featured on countless 1980's recordings. The E Series Dynamics Module features a compressor/limiter and an expander/gate, both of which return faithfully to the circuitry and key components which define the sound of the original SL 611E Series channel strip. Open Box, as is.